Our school is located in Lee's Summit, Missouri (USA). It is a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri. It is usually quite rainy in April and the temperatures start getting warmer.

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Mrs. Morehead and I (Mrs. Schumacher) are collaborating on this project. Our first graders are very excited to get started!


4.21.14 - Soaking the beans overnight.


4.22.14 - Day 1, 75 degrees Fahrenheit - Getting Started!

Watching bean video.jpg

Having fun Planting

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group 3.jpg

group 4.jpg

group 5.jpg

group 6.jpg

We were inspired by @h_hudson1026


Day 2 - 4.23.14 - 65 degrees Fahrenheit

We are starting to see the roots!

Day 3 - 4.24.14 - 56 degrees F

No School Today

Day 4 - 4.25.14 - 78 degrees

Field trip, no time to observe