Tomorrow we will start our Global Bean Project.
Mrs. Richardson bought 2 packages of beans. Tonight they will soak and then we will begin our work tomorrow.
What a great project to begin on Earth Day.

We will be tweeting our progress as well. Here is our class Twitter Account: @RichsRoom210

2014-04-21 17.40.33.jpg
The beans soaking overnight at Mrs Richardson's house.

22 April Day 1

Today we planted our beans. The temperature is 13 C and it is a sunny day.

We noticed that the beans Mrs Richardson soaked were bigger than the ones that came out of the package.
Here are the beans.
2014-04-22 14.12.46.jpg

2014-04-22 14.18.01.jpg 2014-04-22 14.18.20.jpg
2014-04-22 14.23.17.jpg
2014-04-22 14.25.19.jpg
We put them in the sun on our window sill.

Now we have to wait ...
2014-04-22 14.26.02.jpg

23 April Day 2

Today was a cloudy day, Temperature 12 C.
We did not see a change in our bean seeds, some of the seeds needed more water.
2014-04-23 14.09.10.jpg

24 April Day 3

Today the temperature was 7 C.
Today we saw some of the beans had broken open.
Ahmed thought his bean was broken, Minani thought it was growing
2014-04-24 14.14.52.jpg

25 April Day 4

The temperature today was 9 C.
Today we saw that some beans had "broken open".
2014-04-25 14.37.35.jpg 2014-04-25 14.38.14.jpg
2014-04-25 14.37.58.jpg
We predicted that they will grow more on the weekend.
We will try and measure the growth on Monday.

28 April Day 5

The temperature was 10 C.
We saw big changes today after the weekend.
Some have longer roots growing down. We think we may see some leaves starting too.
Everyone noticed changes in their bean seeds.
We are excited to be "tweeting" our progress on our Twitter feed.
2014-04-28 14.35.01.jpg 2014-04-28 14.35.49-1.jpg

29 April Day 6

The temperature today was 11 C
Wow! Today one of the plants had a long stem and a leaf. Everyone had at least one bean seed that had sprouted, We saw roots and the beginning of stems in most of the seeds. We watched the movie from the Home page again, and now we can see how our seeds are starting to do the same thing.
2014-04-29 14.19.30.jpg 2014-04-29 14.20.32.jpg

Some of the photos we took of our bean plants.
2014-04-29 14.20.24.jpg2014-04-29 14.20.20.jpg

2014-04-29 14.19.38.jpg We predict that many of our plants will grow stems and leaves soon!

30 April Day 7

The temperature today was 12 C.

We saw lots of changes today in our bean seeds.
2014-04-30 14.31.06.jpg 2014-04-30 14.30.41.jpg

Here is the popplet we have made for our plants unit so far. It's time to add some new information!
2014-04-30 11.40.30.png