Explorer Elementary
Sioux Falls, SD


Day 1 April 22nd
Temperature 55 F

Day 2
Temperature 50 F
They appear to be a little bigger and a small sprout is appearing from the white seed.
Planting them in dirt today

Day 3
Temperature 47 F
They are getting wrinkly and beginning to sprout
We planted them in dirt yesterday

Day 4
Temperature 51 F
There's a little crack with a sprout in the brown one

Day 7
Temperature 51 F
The white seeds are bigger, there is a crack and a small sprout
The brown seed hasn't gotten bigger but it has a green stem. There appears to be a thin, white roots, 3 of them.

Day 8
Temperature 48 F
The brown bean, the stem is growing a lot
The stem is green before it was white
The white beans are not growing as fast as the brown one but maybe that's just how they grow
The roots are getting longer and their are 4 roots that we can see.

Day 11
Temp. 60 F
The brown seed has a stem and a leaf. The white bean is starting to sprout.
The brown has long roots.

May 6th
Temp. 61 F
The brown bean grew 11 inches. The white beans grew 3 and a half. The brown beans roots are 4\5 inches.