April 21

We soaked beans and snap peas in water over night.

April 22

  1. We made labels for our bags.

  2. We wet paper towels and placed them in plastic bags.

  3. We put the seeds inside the bag.

  4. Then we hung them on the window in the sunshine

Temperature: 57 degrees F

Weather is sunny and brisk

April 23

April 24

Third graders planted pea seeds and hung them on the window for sunshine.

Temperature: 54 degrees F

Weather is cloudy and windy

April 25

April 28

We are seeing sprouts. Lots of the sprouts are white and some are green.
Temperature: 53 degrees F
Weather is cool and rainy
May 2
We planted our peas and beans in cups. We are keeping the cups in our classrooms next to the windows.
We used potting soil from the store to place in our cups.
Our peas and beans sprouted a little bit, so we placed them down into the soil about an inch.
Some of our sprouts are so tall that we had to keep the stems popping out of the soil
Temperature is 50 degrees F
Weather is cool and breezy