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Through the eyes of my second graders in Maple, City Michigan!


Day 1

Earth Day Video This is just BEAUTIFUL!!

Above is our classroom news team video about this global project!

After we let our beans soak overnight, each student observed dry beans and soaked beans and chose which bean they would like to grow. Their choices were: green beans, lima beans and garden beans. Students put their beans in a plastic bag with a wet cotton ball. Students took pictures and added them in Pic Collage during their

first day. They also wrote in their journal and drew a picture of their observations. Our class voted on this one to be shared!


Our weather man took the temperature and it was a blaming 42 degrees! Burrrr :)

Day 2

photo (1).JPG

Exploring or soaked beans to engage and help foster our wonders! Each student picked their wonders and are excited to start discovering their own passions related to growing our plants!

Below is our wonder wall and our seeds are on the windows above!

wonder wall.JPG
photo (5).jpg

Day 4
My students REALLY wanted to plant their seeds. They were all worried they were not growing without soil. So each student planted their three seeds and we decided to keep a few still in the plastic bag with wet cotton balls. Another few fun experiments are in the works related to their wonders.

Day 8
My kiddos started their wonder questions and made their predictions. They have at least two plants growing, their original seeds and other"experiments" started! Please check out our Kidblog site and have your kids make comments and predictions!


May 2nd

48 degrees. Today our kids were able to read some comments from Mrs. Avery's 3rd grade class in Arizona! They were really excited to read, comment back and make some comments on their blogs!

My class reading their Kidblogs and comments from Mrs. Avery's Class! They were really excited about all he comments they got! A few posted on their blog as well!

Did I mention my students were really excited to check their blog! They posted about their bean experiments and growth. Mrs Avery's class made some great comments to our blog!

skyping 3.jpg

Later in the afternoon we Skyped with Mrs. Bowker's 1st grade class about their beans! Great questions asked by both classes! We are still waiting for our plants to grow! We keep watering everyday!