We are The Madeleine School's First Grade Class of 31 students in Portland, Oregon.

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We planted seed on April 22nd, 2014.

The bean seeds were soaked over night and then placed in glass jars surrounded by wet paper towels.

The radish seeds were placed in a folded damp paper towel and placed in a plastic baggie.

Each table group has a bean seed and a radish seed to observe and take care of.

From Skitch.png

The students recorded their observations in their plant journal. Each student wrote one sentence about what they saw or noticed about the seeds and one sentence about what they think will happen or what they wonder about what will happen.

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The students took pictured of what they saw and used the app Skitch to annotate their observations.



The students drew pictures in their journals and colored them.


Here is an example of a journal entry. The students are learning to record their scientific observations as well as

expand their thinking by thinking of a wonder question!