Day 17 May 8
Our bean grew 5 blocks tall!
photo (47).JPG
Day 14-15 May 5-6
We finally have 2 beans that have begun to sprout leaves! We are so excited! The beans that we kept in our classroom greenhouse have gotten moldy and are not growing. But the few we laid on paper plates are the ones sprouting. We decided today that maybe they would like to be planted in soil and they would grow more quickly. So we planted them into cups and watered them.
Our grass that we planted really took off and is very tall. We discovered the grass grew much faster than our beans. Our grass grew in 4-5 days, whereas the beans took 2.5 weeks. Maybe because we didn't plant our beans in soil!?!
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Day 7-11 April 28 - May 2
We continue to journal any growth we have seen in our Science Journals and taking pictures for our stop motion video. Some students noticed their beans have begun to sprout roots and others have noticed something else growing.....mold. :( Our classroom greenhouse seems to be sprouting roots in 2 of the 4 beans.
Our grass has grown long stringy roots, compared to the Bean roots which are curvy and fat. The grass has started to peak through the dirt. We think the grass will grow faster than the bean since we haven't seen any sprouts from our beans
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photo (37).JPG
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Day 4 - April 25, 2014
There are a couple of students who have sprouted roots, but not very many. We predict that everyone will have a roots on Monday. We also planted Grass today in cups of soil. We want to compare the roots of grass to beans. How will they look different? Which will grow faster grass or the bean?

Day 3 - April 24, 2014
Some observations we noticed today were that there were no changes to our seeds. But some of our paper towels had dried out already so we sprayed some water in our baggies. We also wrote in our Science Journals about our beans. We love to be Super Scientists!
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Day 2 - April 23, 2014
Today we planted grass seeds in plastic cups. We noticed that the grass seed is ALOT smaller than our bean seeds. And we used ALOT of grass seed as compared to our 4 bean seeds. We are wondering: Which will grow faster the beans, or the grass? Which plant will have bigger roots?

Day 1 - April 22, 2014

Today we learned the parts of a plant.

Roots - hold a plant in soil and take water and food from the soil
Stem - hold up leaves and flowers and carry water and food to all parts of a plant
Leaves - use sunlight to make food for the plant (They can be many shapes and colors.)
Flowers - make seeds - which grow into new plants

Then we completed our "Greenhouse" project. We have no windows in our classroom so sunlight and temperature won't be a factor for us. We made a pic collage showing us the steps we took to plant our beans. We also started taking pictures of "Our Class Greenhouse" so that we can make a Stop Motion movie!

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