April 22, 2014

We put two different types of dry beans into two clear glasses to soak overnight -
lima beans & garden pole beans.
It was 78 degrees F outside this day. Indoors, it was 68 degrees F/ 20 degrees C
Our dry garden bean measured 9/16 inches. Our dry lima bean measured 3/4 (12/16) inches.
bean photo 1

April 23, 2014

Bean photo 2

Today we measured our soaked-overnight beans. The garden beans measured 3/4 inches,
and the lima beans measured 1 1/4 inches! They had expanded in size from the soaking. We put them in our cups to observe.
The indoor temperature was 68 degrees F/20 degrees C.
bean photo

April 24, 2014

Today we added more water to our cups, as the paper was drying out. We placed the cups near the window where they could get more sun.