Grade 1
Our Observations

April 22, 2014
Day 1

Mrs. Bolton soaked our beans over night. Today we put them in bags with wet paper towels and cotton balls. We attached the bags onto the flowers we made ... just like the big flower from Eric Carle's "The Tiny Seed". Our flowers and beans are now hanging on our window. We are excited to watch them grow. We estimated the beans were shorter than a paperclip and we were right!
bean display.JPGobservation1.JPG

April 24, 2014 Day 3

day 3.JPG

April 28 DAY 7
We used the Pic Collage App to take pictures of our beans and label the changes. LOTS of growing happened over the weekend ... in the dark, dark classroom!! Mrs. Bolton put our labeled pictures on an iMovie and is posted it here:

April 29 DAY 8
We used Pic Collage to show how big our seeds are with roots. We measured the roots with a piece of ribbon, then measured the ribbon with a non-standard unit (paperclip). We took pictures of where we are at and Mrs. Bolton put them on to iMovie for us.

After we measured our beans we planted them in soil. They will need soil, water and the sun to help them grow!

May 6 - Day 14
Some wondering about our plants:
external image egiksvosy33p.png

May 12, 2014 Day 22
Some observations on how our plants have changed.
day 22 padlet.png