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-April 21, we soaked our beans overnight.-April 22, we placed them in plastic cups in the morning. We discussed what seeds need to start growing. We brainstormed many things and came up with 2 that we are trying: water and warm air. We are placing our seeds in the closet every day, so that they are not getting any sunlight.-April 29, we watered our beans too much. They have rotted. Whoops!!! We will be restarting with new beans tomorrow.-April 30, we restarted with new beans. We placed paper towel in our plastic cups. We placed 4 beans in each cup. We wet the paper towel ( but not too much this time!)-May 3, we started to see the roots. They were very small at first.-May 7. we saw the stems start to grow. The roots are getting longer, and are looking for water. The stems will carry the water to the leaves, once they start to develop.-May 12, we saw longer roots, longer and longer stems, and leaves that are turning green in the sunlight.--May 13, the beans have left the building!! They went home with the students.

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