Week Three We transplanted our growing beans into soil once they got to be about 13 cm high. They have 2,4 or 6 leaves and the seed is still on the stem.

Over the weekend, our beans started to wilt. We think they need soil, nutrients and more water. Some of us watered them in the bags and cups and other kids decided to transplant into soil right away. About half of our beans have made it so far.

We think this is the beginning of the big vine. Everyone wonders just how tall it will get. We noticed it turns towards the sun in the window.

IMG_0704.JPGToday is Day 9 and some of our seeds have sprouted their first leaves. They have 2 leaves, about a 6 cm stem and white roots growing down. Other seeds are just opening up like and we think they look like treasure chests as the seed hinges open and the roots and sprouts grow out. Other seeds are rotting and smell really terrible. They look yellowish instead of white and are squished and cloudy looking. We are going to take pictures of them and count up how many did not grow at all. We have low temperatures and we think the cold window and maybe too much water did not allow them to grow. A few kids think that maybe they packed too many cotton balls in tight and the seed did not have enough space.

On Monday, day 7 our beans are all so different. We had a cool weekend and the window feels cold when we touch it. Some beans have 3 to 5 cm roots, some beans are just bursting a root and some have rotted and smell terrible. We wonder if they were too wet, too squished. With not enough air or too cold?
First Week: We are reading a whole bunch of different bean books, fiction and non-fiction. Our favourite version so far is definitely Jack and the Baked Beanstalk. We are starting to plan our own versions in writing teams.

Day 4: Big surprise.... our first roots start to appear, but only in one group's bag so far. We are wondering what will happened over the weekend? Will they all have roots? Will any beans not grow at all? Will any shoots be growing up? Will our soil beans be poking up through the surface?

Day 4: The temperature was only + 16 in the window and most of our beans looked like mini water cycles in a bag.

Day 3: Journal Writing, Temperature Recording and Observations are part of our day.
Day 2 & 3: We recorded our "wonderings" and predictions (some from our class charts prior to planting and some of our own as we continue to explore and question).

Day 2: The class was dark (lights out) for Earth Week but the students had plenty of light to keep up their bean observations.

Day 2:
Six students decided to test their prediction that a bean in soil would probably sprout and grow leaves quicker than one in a bag of wet cotton balls so the planting began.
Day 1: In Kingsville, Ontario Earth Day found 18 excited grade 2's inviting 21 curious grade 3's over to share their new bean project. Together they predicted, questioned and formed groups with 3 or 4 friends to get their beans into clear bags or cups for planting. Check out our individual blogs Student's Blogs